Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery Service


Pete Setabutr
Pete Setabutr, MD, Director

Vinay Aakalu

Vinay Aakalu, MD, MPH 

Ahmad Amjad

Amjad Ahmad, MD  

Peter MacIntosh

Peter MacIntosh, MD

Allen Putterman

Allen Putterman, MD









Clinic Information

Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary Millennium Park Eye Center
Clinic Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (M-F)
Clinic Phone: (312) 996-9120
Fax Number: (312) 413-7895
Address: 1855 W. Taylor, Suite 3.158
Manager: Marva Jones, (312) 996-9120
Clinic Hours: 8:30-5:00 (M-F)
Clinic Phone: (312) 996-2020
Fax Number: (312) 346-5292
Address: 30 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 410
Chicago, IL 60602


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  • We provide  treatment for patients with upper eyelid retraction, blepharospasm, epiphora and other lacrimal disorders, blepharoptosis, tumors of the ocular adnexa and orbit, blowout fractures of the orbital floor, and many similar problems. Reconstruction is also done in patients with rare conditions such as cryptophthalmos. In addition, blepharoplasty and other cosmetic oculoplastic procedures are performed in both our UIC and Millennium Park Locations.
  • For more information on a variety of eye conditions, see Eye Conditions and Treatments.

Dr. Pete Setabutr