Illinois Center for Thyroid Eye Disease

The Illinois Center for Thyroid Eye Disease (IC-TED) provides coordinated care for patients with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). The center offers:


  • Medical and Surgical Ophthalmic care for all patients with TED, including those with severe, vision threatening disease
  • Cutting edge technology, imaging and access to on-going clinical trials
  • Comprehensive, empathetic care with a patient centered focus
  • Availability of expert strabismus surgeons, ocular surface specialists, neuro-ophthalmologists, head and neck radiologists, radiation oncologists and endocrinologists for multidisciplinary care as needed
  • Coordinated care with an emphasis on patient satisfaction and experience


The center is directed by Vinay Aakalu, MD, MPH, a fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, who has expertise in the complex, multi-faceted care of patients with TED.



Sandeep Jain

Vinay Aakalu, MD, MPH




Clinic Information

For Appointments

Phone: (312) 413-ITED (312) 413-4833


Clinic Address

Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary

1855 W. Taylor Street

Chicago, IL 60612