Eye Conditions and Treatment

Chalazion is treated in the Comprehensive Ophthalmology Faculty Practice


A chalazion is a firm nodule that may form following either anterior or posterior blepharitis. Secretions from meibomian glands normally present in the posterior layer of the eyelids may leak into the surrounding tissues, causing inflammation. Chalasia may occur suddenly or may appear gradually over time. They may be painful, red, and swollen, or may simply produce a firm mass. Conservative treatment with frequent warm compresses is often successful, but steroid injections into the chalazion or surgical removal are sometimes necessary. In rare cases, cancerous tumors of the eyelid can appear like a stye or chalazion.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Painless swelling on the eyelid (usually upper) that has been present for weeks to months

Treatment and Prevention

  • Surgical excision

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