Eye Conditions and Treatment

Eye Conditions related to Systemic Disease are treated in the Comprehensive Ophthalmology Faculty Practice

Systemic Disease and the Eye

Systemic diseases are diseases that involve many organs or the whole body. Many of these diseases also affect the eyes. In fact, an eye exam sometimes leads to the first diagnosis of a systemic disease.

The eye is composed of many different types of tissue. This unique feature makes the eye susceptible to a wide variety of diseases as well as provides insights into many body systems. Almost any part of the eye can give important clues to the diagnosis of systemic diseases.

Parts of the Eye used to Diagnose Systemic Disease

  • Outer surface of the eye (eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea)
  • Middle of the eye
  • Back of the eye (retina)
  • Optic nerve
  • Eye movements


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