Patient Stories

Our employees (and their families) are our patients too!

Get your eyes checked ON CAMPUS by a WORLD CLASS ophthalmologist at our
Comprehensive Ophthalmology Faculty Practice

  • We offer management of common and complex eye diseases.
  • Same/next day appointments for all UIC employees and their families. Convenient scheduling, convenient location.
  • The BEST eye care for the BEST employees!
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Convenient and Covered!

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Wes Beckton

Wes Becton, Director of Administrative Operations,
UI Otolaryngology

Camille Baxter

Camille Baxter, Director, Health Enterprise Marketing,
UI Hospital & Health Sciences System
Jeanne Galatzer-Levy
Jeanne Galatzer-Levy, Associate Director,
Newsbureau, UIC Office of Public Affairs
Tracey Thomas
Tracey Thomas, Customer Service II, UI Hospital